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Professional Service. Personalized Representation. Proven Results.

Over the years we’ve worked with families of all shapes and sizes, in towns throughout the Front Range and high mountain areas. Our clients range from dual doctors with shift schedules, to business owners with hectic travel schedules, to stay-at-home moms who need a little extra support, to busy CFO’s, engineers, attorneys, consultants, empty nesters and more. One thing our clients all have in common: they’re seeking the guidance of a professional agency with proven results. Savy Colorado families understand 25+ years of experience doing the job translates to better candidates and greater success. We’ll find the needle in the haystack…it’s our speciality.

What Sets Us Apart


experience gets the job done

It’s critical to select a placement agency that has the experience, expertise, and womanpower to get the job done right the first time. If anyone can find the perfect household employee for your family, it’s ABC. While anyone can start an agency, our clients understand that our 25+ years of industry experience translates to better candidates, fewer problems, faster service, and greater success. We’ll get the job done for you. You can count on it.


committed to exceptional service

At ABC, service is our culture, not a department. Exceptional customer service is embedded in all aspects of our company culture: we hire, train and retain those who understand and act in a manner consistent with our high expectations. It’s about doing what’s right and putting our customers’ needs first. So go ahead and give us a call, shoot us an email, ask for help…no request is too small. We are committed to your happiness and your success.


Dedicated to the perfect match

We understand how important hiring the perfect person is. We get it. We really do. We’re moms. We’re household employers. We’re former nannies. This is a big decision, and only the best will do. We’ll work closely with you to outline your needs, understand your preferences, hand-select the top few qualified candidates, and hire the ideal person for the job…it’s what we do.


experts who care

It’s not a marketing gimmick. It is sincere: we really do care. Our expert matchmakers approach the placement process with the attention to detail and consideration you deserve. We offer thoughtful advice, ongoing support, market-specific education and honest feedback. From your first day to your last, if you need us, we’ll be there to help. Why? It’s simple: we care.


Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple: provide a top-notch, professional service with a personal touch. We know there are other (cheaper) options in the market place and we work day-in and day-out to win your business now, and for years to come. We strive to do our best, represent the best, and be the best. You can expect our team to be responsive, provide open, honest communication and support, be kind, and work side-by-side with you to find the ideal person for your family. In the end, we love what we do, and we hope it shows.


Our Services

At ABC, we have a variety of services to support your family, no matter what stage of life you’re in. From experts specializing in newborn care to full-time and part-time nannies to private educators and babysitters, to housekeepers, family chefs and even personal assistants—we can help. Our team of experienced consultants will help you define your needs, refine your search, and identify the right person for the job.


What Our Clients Say

“I needed to find a nanny quickly and thus signed on with three nanny agencies in Denver. ABC consistently brought me the best candidates of all three agencies. The staff listened carefully to my family’s needs and provided candidates who fulfilled those needs. They didn’t push candidates on me who I didn’t feel were right for us. I’ve also utilized the temporary services and have been very pleased with the quality of back-up nannies ABC sent us. You’ll pay more than with any other agency in town. And you’ll get a better nanny. It’s worth every penny.”
Shari Harley

Our Process

As you may have discovered, finding the perfect nanny, babysitter or household employee can be extremely difficult to do on your own. Let our professional team do the tedious, time-consuming work of reviewing 100’s of resumes, interviewing dozens of candidates, calling countless references, and hand-picking only the most qualified individuals for the job. You interview a few, you choose one, and hire.


Step 1

Submit our Family Application & Agreement


Step 2

Professional Consultation


Step 3

Interview qualified Candidates


Step 4

Choose & Hire Your Ideal Employee

Our Screening

Welcoming someone into your home is an important decision. We agree. We work diligently upfront to ensure each candidate is thoroughly evaluated prior to representation and carefully screened prior to placement. Only the best—those in-home professionals who will exceed our clients’ expectations—are invited to join the ABC team. 


Initial Phone Screen


Detailed Employment Application


Professional, In-depth Interview


Social Media, Childcare & Character Reference Checks


Overall Representation & Ongoing Performance Assessments


Professional Background Check & E-Verify

Our screening process is designed to weed out candidates who lack the passion and experience needed to do the job well, those looking to bury a bad reference or spotty work history, and especially those looking to hide something suspect on their background check. The process is rigorous and uncompromising; lower-quality candidates tend to choose path of least resistance (online job boards and personal referrals etc).

Our Long-term Placement Packages

We have several placement packages to cater to the varying needs and preferences of our clientele. Simply choose the package that’s right for you.

Additional Placement Packages


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