Household staff

Professional Care for Your Home


Leave the Chores To Us

You’re busy. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. We understand. Hiring a household professional to help is a game-changer. From experienced housekeepers to personal assistants to household managers to personal chefs, our expert matchmakers approach the placement process with the attention to detail and consideration your family, and your home, deserve. Our team will help you clarify your needs, tediously screen through dozens of candidates for your position, hand-select the best available household professionals, schedule interviews, and once you’ve found the right person, they’ll guide you through the hiring process and beyond. Our process—refined and simplified over the last 25 years—results in long-lasting placements for hundreds of Colorado families each year. Now, leave the chores to us. You focus on what’s important.


Private Housekeepers
Polished to Perfection

Keeping the house clean is a never-ending chore. Add in children, pets, travelling, and the demands of a busy life and that chore becomes a job. And really, who has time for more? Many Colorado families are hiring an experienced professional to care for their home on a daily or weekly basis (6-40+ hours). Consistent, reliable, and with an attention to detail that your run-of-the-mill maid service lacks, a private housekeeper can make all the difference. Sure, it may feel like a bit of a luxury a first, but it’s well worth the price. Come home. Relax. The work is done.


Personal Assistants
A Second Set of Hands

Most of us have dreamed about hiring someone to assist with the day-to-day chores required to keep life—both personal and professional—organized. From business owners stretched too thin to parents trying to manage hectic schedules, a personal assistant can help. Your PA can assist with professional tasks such as answering phones, returning emails, researching products, and making travel arrangements, to more personalized tasks such as feeding the dog, running errands, putting away holiday decorations, taking the car in for maintenance, transporting kids to and fro, and more. You decide what duties are most important—we’ll find the ideal person for the job.


Household Managers
Caring for Your Home

Your home is where your life happens and it takes work to keep it running smoothly. Consider an HM your private Ops Manager; they’ll coordinate your family calendar, order supplies, handle household bills and admin duties, plan private events, oversee household projects, schedule service contractors, supervise household vendors, manage other household employees (like your nanny or housekeeper) and more. Leave the details of your home(s) and your household staff to them.


Private Cooks & Chefs
It’s All About the Food

You don’t have to be a sports star or a millionaire to afford a private chef. Average Colorado families are hiring cooks and chefs, from a few hours to a few days per week, to turn this chore into a treat. When you hire a private cook/chef, their job is to create delicious weekly menus specially designed to meet your dietary needs and preferences. They’ll shop for groceries, prepare the meals, clean up the mess and leave you with a fridge full of fresh, healthy doesn’t get much better than that!

Timing & Pricing Information

We understand flexibility is a must at this stage in life. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the process of hiring the ideal nanny, nanny manager or family assistant is as quick and stress-free as possible so you can focus on what matters most. Most families hire a household professional through ABC in 4-8+ weeks, sometimes less, sometimes longer, depending on the specifics of the position (i.e. location, hours, rate of pay et cetera), candidate availability and the your requirements. We understand your time matters, and we’ll do our best to not take too much of it!

We’re not the cheapest in the market (yes, the cat’s out of the bag), but we believe we earn our fees. We have several placement packages that to cater to the varying needs and preferences of our clientele. Simply choose the package that’s right for you. And because we know you have other options in the marketplace, we’ll work hard, day-in and day-out, to win your business now, and for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions


WHO’s best for us?

Let us help. Contact our office to speak with our trained consultants who’ll help you determine which household employee best fits your needs.


When do we Start?

In our professional opinion: 6-8+ weeks before you need care. But not to worry, if you’re short on time, we can help you too! We’ve got this.



Every candidate is different; pay is based on experience, expertise, education and the job description, but a broad range is $25-$50+/hour.


Where Do You find Your Candidates?

Even after 25+ years, the majority of candidates still come through referrals or have been placed previously. Although we’ll utilize every possible recruiting avenue to find you the right person.

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How do you Screen your candidates?

Our screening process is rigorous and uncompromising; lower-quality candidates tend to choose the path of least resistance: online job boards. Learn more about it HERE.


Do i pay them or do you?

You may have heard it's okay to "1099" your household worker. However, with few exceptions, the IRS considers them your employee. You’ll pay them. But not to worry, it’s easy. We’ll help.