Ginger Mylander Swift



ABC Nannies would be nothing without the vision, passion and fortitude of our founder—Ginger Swift. Ginger started ABC Nannies in 1994 after working through college (BS in Psychology) as a part-time and summer nanny, and working several years in sales, marketing and recruiting. Although successful in the corporate world, Ginger wanted to do more with her talents. She wanted to truly make a difference, and expertly matching families with kind and trustworthy nannies to care for their children was just the ticket! Over the years Ginger, and her team, have taken ABC Nannies from a small, one-woman business to the largest nanny placement agency in Colorado. And of course, while working full-time growing her business, Ginger relied on the support of several experienced nannies to care for her two children—nannies she is still close to today. When not working on growing ABC Nannies, Ginger focuses her time and expertise on improving the business practices of in-home placement agencies across the country as the acting President of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) and a former board member of the International Nanny Association (INA).

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