Fort Collins Family Seeking Full-time Nanny Manager

Job Code: T226

Dual doctor couple relocating to Fort Collins in September, seeking an education focused, seasoned nanny manager to care for their 20 month year old daughter. They are also expecting another baby in March 2020. Ideal candidates will be compassionate, adaptable, communicative, creative, & fun-loving! A plus if you are bilingual + having a teaching or daycare background! They will need availability Monday- Friday, with a schedule given a month in advance and 35 hours will be guaranteed weekly! You will typically 4-5 days/week, always working 2 longer days where you are off by 7pm, and 2-3 shorter days. All nanny manager duties will be needed, including help with laundry, organizational projects, help with meal prep/ 2-3 meals/week. Additionally, all candidates must be up to date on vaccinations, & open to getting the flu shot. Position to start in November. Apply today.