Times Are a Changing--Consider NCS Training

Today's parents are savvy. They value education and specialization, especially when it comes to their children. And now more than ever, our clients are seeking high-value specialists and experts in the nanny industry, levitra tablets are available in a 10mg dose only levitra online effective within 15 minutes‎ those who are more specialized and able to offer innovative care solutions. In fact, over the last few years we've seen experienced nannies being passed over for jobs because they lack specialty training. Just as in the traditional job market, those with certificates of training and degrees are often considered first for positions, even over those with more experience, and the nanny and NCS industry is trending in the same direction. In response to the demand from our families seeking experienced infant care providers and from our nannies looking to specialize the services they offer, we are excited to partner with Newborn Care Solutions, to offer an in-person Newborn Care Specialist training here in Denver. The weekend workshop will be host by ABC Nannies July 15-16, 2017 and is open to all nannies, doulas, and childcare providers in the Front Range and beyond.

Individuals who attend will earn their Foundational NCS Certificate from industry veteran and high-respected NCS, Tonya Sakowicz, owner of Newborn Care Solutions. This program is great for new Newborn Care Specialists, nannies, doulas and experienced infant daycare workers looking to strengthen their newborn knowledge. Please note: this is not newborns/NCS 101; this NCS training is an in-depth weekend workshop for individuals with prior newborn/infant experience who seeking specialization. To learn more about this foundational workshop, the topics covered, and to register please visit Eventbrite NCS Denver Training.

We look forward to supporting our local community--families across the Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins metro areas-- through the education and placement of trained infant and newborn care specialists! When it comes to newborn care, only the best will do, and we agree. We look forward to a full class in July!